The Beating

by Jet Sparks

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Scrumgirl Ethereal vocals and amazing lyrics. Love this album. Favorite track: The Bigger Your Heart....
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released January 15, 2016

Recording Engineer/Co-Producer: Johnny Sangster at Crackle & Pop Studio
Mastered by Mike Vasquez at Sweatbox
Cover Art By Jen Hill

All songs written by Bridget "Jet" Mullen
All additional instrument tracks written by their respective players
Players: Jet Mullen, Johnny Sangster, Faustine Hudson, Kwab Copeland, Phil Mullen, Maggie Bjorklund, Carrie Leath



all rights reserved


Jet Sparks Port Townsend, Washington

Jet Sparks is singer-songwriter Bridget "Jet" Mullen. She released her first album, "What Could Not Be Buried" in 2002 on Wishing Tree Records, under the moniker Emily Sparks. Her songs have been featured in films and TV shows, on various compilation albums, and covered by a Taiwanese recording artist. She now goes by Jet Sparks and lives in the tiny maritime village of Port Townsend, Washington. ... more

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Track Name: The Bigger Your Heart...
Even if it's true and they will never understand
helps me get through because I know you can
And if it appears as a smile on my face
know it's been years since it's been in place and that
you are the one who put it there.

Now each day I watch you walk out in that world full of fools
I feel like a mother the first day her kid goes to school
'cause it can be so defeating-
the bigger your heart the bigger the beating!
but everyone knows it's those scars that build up what's cool
everyone knows it's those scars that build up what's cool
everyone knows that it's those with the scars who get cool
and your scars are beautiful.
Track Name: Blue Schwinn
I've been watching you ride through this town
on your blue Schwinn with the wheels just goin' round
and I know it's a very strange thing to do
but I was just wondering who you're riding to…

Little boy, I 'aint got no one riding home to me tonight
I was sorta hopin' it would be alright
if I could just watch your wheels spin
and dream of some love riding home to me again...
Track Name: Brandon, You're A Fine Boy
I like the wind in my hair, you've got the wind in your sail
If we both play fair, this plan can't fail
Let's set ourselves a course to the middle of the ocean tomorrow
If I could get you alone, I swear I could get rid of the sorrow!

Are you a sailor, my dear, can you harness the sea?
If the coast is clear, then come away with me
'cause you never really know how the weather will be faring tomorrow
but if you're lookin' to get lost in the fog, please allow me to follow!

I know the bells will ring, I know what they'll be for-
not for a wedding, but to call us to shore
and I'll be bringin' you back to the old town saloon tomorrow
'cause baby, I'm not lookin' to own, I'm just lookin' to borrow
If I could get you alone, I swear I could get rid of the sorrow
If I could get you alone, I swear I could get rid of the sorrow!
Track Name: Forgive Me
Forgive me, forgive me, my heart doesn't play kind with others
It's caused me such trouble with many sweet boys and their mothers
It leads them away with the sugar and then makes them stay with the spice
and proves what they say about "everything nice" 'ain't true
so forgive me, forgive me for everything I've done to you.

Sometimes I just can't help but wishing' that we were still children
Lovin' was easy, and baby, so was forgivin'
but I blew it back in that sandbox, I threw it all in your face
just so I could run off, replacing you with a fool
so forgive me, forgive me, my heart doesn't play by the rules.

I know it's all over now, I've ruined the chance of someday
and I guess, if it's best, I'll leave you alone- this is the last thing that I'll say:

Forgive me, forgive me, my heart doesn't play kind with others
Please don't speak too badly about me in front of your mother
She seemed so happy about us, she thought I was somebody good
but some things don't work out like they should and I let her down, too
Oh, won't you forgive me, 'cause baby, I can't forget you.
Track Name: Golden Roadside
You're the star of all my summer pictures
smiling, squinty-eyed and sunburn-skinned
somewhere on a golden stretch of roadside
of one of the states that we were in.

You're the one I rode with through the desert
played with in the sea and in the sand
We were headed in some right direction
but you never know just where you'll land.

Mondays always come
August days turn to Autumn
Leaves that floated once
sink down to the bottom.

You're a flash of gold in my old memory
though it wan't very long ago
Yearning turns the moments into lifetime
and time keeps getting faster as you grow

but somewhere on a golden stretch of roadside
you're still holding up a tattered sign
It says, "Darlin', come back, I still love you!"
but that place is only in my mind and

Monday will always come
August will always turn to Autumn
and my heart that fluttered
always sinks down to the bottom!
Track Name: What Some Would Call The Devil
I've been seeing what some would call the devil for most of my life
The devil isn't so hard to find
Still its fires couldn't burn like the furnace of my mind.

"Don't go into that darkness!", they say,
"Don't go into that deep, deep darkness!
Don't go into that darkness!
Don't go into that sweet, sweet darkness!"
but it feels better on my eyes
I feel safer in the dark, I can wear the night's disguise

Anyway, why don't they get it right?
You can go-
just don't go gentle into that good, good night!
Track Name: Closer To Gone
Life is uncertain- better eat dessert first!
I'll be your fountain- obey your thirst!
When you come over, I'll be your lover from now on
Let's live it up now, we're getting closer to gone!

In the beginning, there was the word
Now there's so many that nothing's heard
Let's lose the letters, do something better with our breath
Dance with me, darlin'- we're getting closer to death!

Let's eat some cake and jump in the leaves
We don't have to rake and we can do what we please
It could all get blown away, anyway!

So stay by my side just for today
I know we can't hide, but we can play
like children at Christmas pondering presence before dawn
Shake it up, baby- we're getting closer to gone!
Track Name: It's Only Music
While I was sleeping last night you let yourself in
You walked right inside without breaking in
You were lurking 'round the house, invading my space
and I liked it, I liked it, I…

Well, tonight I slung enough beer and fries
to go out and get myself a surprise
So I went to the record store, bought your new songs
Now I'm home alone drinking and singing along

and thinking that one could be about me
then thinking of all the girls thinking the same thing
Oh, well- back to the music
and I liked it, I liked it, I liked it, I…

I feel like a fool- my face is all wet
from tears that I cry for what I can't forget
but they have to be dry before he gets home
'cause he hates when he finds me with you, all alone

He's wondering if one could be about me
and I wonder how many guys wonder the same thing
Aw, hell- it's only music
and I like it, I like it, I...